How to Read Church History 260-45

How to Read Church History

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  • Author: Jean Comby
  • Read Aloud Grade Range: 5 - Adult
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 8 - Adult

An optional resource for Sonlight 200, these books are scheduled in the Instructor's Guide, but not required. Recommended for students in Grades 10+.

Though (or perhaps because) published by a liberal Catholic publishing house, these volumes present one of the most balanced pictures of Western (Roman/Protestant) church history you will find.

These are church history readers-including translations of brief passages from key original documents. Indeed, there is almost as much excerpted text as there is narrative. Christian History magazine says, "Comby's unique approach... help(s) the reader to do history as well as read it." Volume 1 covers to the Reformation; Volume 2, Reformation until today.

Pb, illus.

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