Sonlight® Ultra Microscope 250-40

Sonlight® Ultra Microscope

Quality Student Microscope at an Unbeatable Price

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Make Science Come Alive!

If you're going to make an investment in a microscope, make sure you get one that your student will enjoy using.

The Sonlight Curriculum-exclusive Ultra microscope includes the "extra options" that make using a microscope a pleasure instead of a frustration. Furthermore, we don't charge you extra for the "options"! They're all included in our standard, unbeatably low price!

Add Microscope Slides

Be sure to pick up either the Microscopy Supplies Kit or the Level E Kit to make the most of your microscope! These kits come with materials you need for your high school Biology or Level E Science program and add necessary components (like slides) for your explorations in microscopy.

This LED version works anywhere in the world!

We set out to design the educational microscope that we would want to use, then found a manufacturer who would make it for us to our exacting specifications. Now we buy these student microscopes in huge quantities and pass the savings on to you!

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