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Bible and Doctrinal Studies 210 Package Sub-Package

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Instructor's Guide not included. This is part of your History / Bible / Lit 200 and Grade 9 Full-Grade Package.

Part of Sonlight 200.

Rediscover Jesus, defend your faith, and learn how to effectively share the gospel!

Sonlight 200 Bible will equip your students to understand, deepen, and defend their faith. They will learn (and be able to articulate) the fundamental principles of the Christian faith. A panoramic study of all 66 books of the Bible will allow them to see the beauty and consistency of the this "book of books." Along the way they will discover why the Bible is their most practical, helpful, and necessary tool for living.

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The Jesus I Never Knew (210-15)

1996 ECPA Gold Medallion Winner. In his uniquely elegant and thought-provoking manner, Yancey seeks to cast aside all Christian clichés to rediscover who Jesus really was and why He came.



More Than A Carpenter (210-20)

An 8-million copy best-selling book of evidences concerning Jesus' deity, His resurrection, and His legitimate claim on a person's life. Written for a popular (non-Christian) audience, this book is a wonderful resource for Christians.



The Westminster Shorter Catechism (210-25)

This illustrated manual offers clear exposition of each of the 107 questions and answers in this historic evangelical teaching tool.



What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? (210-30)

Wonderfully written, fascinating look at the positive impact of the Gospel down through the ages and into our world today. A necessary antidote to the negative views common in today's society.


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