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Horizons Math 1

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With Horizons Math 1, your children will:

  • Count 1-100 with a variety of number sets
  • Count by 1's from 100-200
  • Learn ordinal and cardinal numbers
  • Add vertically and horizontally carrying in 1's column
  • Subtract vertically and horizontally without borrowing
  • Understand basic fractions, sets, shapes, graphs and units of measure

This Horizons Homeschool Math Curriculum is designed to help your children understand math from the ground up.

Includes Teacher's Handbook and Student Workbook. For use with additional students, please purchase additional consumables (one for each additional student.)

Using a spiral learning technique, children are first introduced to a concept and then asked to solve related and increasingly difficult problems over the course of several days or weeks. The concept then re-emerges in later exercises for a new concept. This frees up the children's minds and does not overwhelm them with too much information. They feel confident because they get to take steady, measured steps, and as they revisit concepts over time, they continually strengthen and reinforce their existing knowledge base.

Each year's Horizons Math 1 program consists of three pieces:
  • Two colorful, well-organized workbooks each with 80 lessons and 8 unit exams
  • Teacher's Handbook with daily lesson plans, answer keys, and final exams
  • 80 reproducible worksheets included in Teacher's Handbooks
Not sure if your child is ready? Have him or her take the Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation.

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Required Items


Horizons Grade 1-3 Math Manipulatives (RM35)

Teach three full years of Horizons Math (grades 1-3) with this one resource kit—complete with schedule and instructions for every step of the way.


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Consumable Items


Horizons Math 1: Student Workbook 1 (1M31)

Consumable. Extra Student Workbook 1 for Horizons Math 1 in case you have additional students.



Horizons Math 1: Student Workbook 2 (1M32)

Consumable. Extra Student Workbook 2 for Horizons Math 1 in case you have additional students.



Horizons Math 1: Student Worksheet Packet (1M33)

Consumable. Extra Student Worksheet Packet for Horizons Math 1 in case you have additional students. One set of these reproducible worksheets is included in the Teacher's Handbook.


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