The Home Ranch 130-43

The Home Ranch

Vol. 3 of the Ralph Moody Collection

This item has been discontinued.

  • Author: Ralph Moody
  • Read Aloud Grade Range: 3-A
  • Read Alone Grade Range: 4-A
  • Binding: Pb
  • Pages: 279

The summer he is 12, Ralph gets a job on a cattle ranch. He bites off quite a bit more than he can chew, however, when he demands to be paid a man's wage to do a man's job. Can he do it? Will he even survive?

Real bunkhouse brawls, sand storms, flash floods, and relationships with men and women whose character will amaze you. Ralph learns a lot about how to conduct himself with integrity and grace. Pb, illus

RA: 3-Adult, R: 4-Adult

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