With your complete book list in hand, why should I buy from Sonlight?

Over the years we've had a special desire to help customers on tight budgets. One way we do this is by listing in our catalog all the books we include in our homeschool programs, so you can avoid buying duplicate titles from us if you already own them. We've heard thanks from many for such helpful information. But we've also found it has actually encouraged a number of people to buy elsewhere.

"After all," they say, "I can save money!" Well, read on to learn how that may (or may not) be true. Even if it is true, why might you still want to buy from Sonlight?

First, some immediate benefits you can expect every time you order...

Get your books fast, and you may even pay no shipping:

  • Your order is out the door quickly.
    We typically ship orders within 3-5 business days of when we receive them.
  • Free trackable shipping for all domestic shipments on orders of $150 or more
    Whether you order a few books or a complete Core package, you get this savings the day you place your order. Over time (or just a few orders) your savings add up quickly. Don't live in the U.S.? No problem! You receive reduced trackable shipping on your orders, no matter where they go in the world. For specific details check out our shipping information or use our shipping calculator.

Excellent service is worth something ... even when it's free.

People value (and pay for) annotated and organized book lists like what we share in our catalog. For example, Jim Trelease's The Read- Aloud Handbook retails for $15. Bluedorn's 36- page booklet, Hand That Rocks the Cradle: Good Homeschool Books to Read Aloud to Children—a list of 400 homeschool books, sells for $6.

People also pay for counsel. There are many educational consultants who make good livings by dispensing advice—whether a $250 flat fee for a complete, "individualized instruction plan," or $25 an hour for telephone consultations.

Sonlight gives you expert counsel through our Homeschool Advisors, our online Choosing forum, and SONIA, our intelligent, friendly, computer-based Sonlight Internet Advisor.

Obviously, you are under no obligation to pay for these resources...or to purchase from us at all, even if you use them.

However, if you decide you want to buy the books you found in this Sonlight catalog, and if a few dollars is the only difference in the offer between Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. and whatever alternative supplier(s) you find—then I think it is reasonable to offer Sonlight your business... for the same reason you give a waitress a tip: to show your gratitude for work well done in your behalf.

If you're coming from a biblical world view, think of Luke 10:7 and 1 Timothy 5:18. We've done the work; we're worthy of remuneration.

Are there other reasons you might want to buy from Sonlight?

How about some of these?

Ordering from Sonlight is easier, faster, and can save you money.

  • All your homeschool books and supplies, in-stock and ready when you need them.
    Sonlight has invested in a multi-million dollar inventory to meet your needs at a moment's notice.
  • Easy-order CONVENIENCE.
    You can get everything you want or need for a full year's education...in one place...at the click of a mouse.
  • Save time, and spend it with your family.
    You don't have to spend hours, days, or weeks hunting through used book sales, mail order or library catalogs, or searching online hoping to locate the books you don't yet own! Put another way: you'll have more time to spend with your kids and husband, or doing projects that bring you real satisfaction or fulfillment. If you value your time at all, then you'll want to buy from Sonlight for that reason alone.
  • Save money on more than just books.
    Sonlight saves you a few dollars here and there on things like the science supply kits we offer. But the savings mount higher and faster as you consider the gasoline you won't need to burn running down to the library, bookstore, or used book sales...or the money you will have to pay for shipping titles from used book dealers all over the country...

Lastly, may I suggest that you might want to do business with Sonlight because...

Sonlight does business with integrity, in places you care about but can't see...

All businesses have social responsibilities. Some fulfill them; others don't. We take our responsibilities seriously, not only to you (our customer) but also to our staff, suppliers, and God's larger call on us. For example:

  • Sonlight treats its employees well.
    Workers at Sonlight enjoy good pay, benefits, and a pleasant, safe work environment. "A worker is worth his hire." (Luke 10:7)
  • Sonlight pays its vendors "on-time at the latest."
    This has been our standard from the beginning: "early is better." Our vendors—some of them homeschool families—rely on us to pay them fully and on time. And we do that. Always. That is our promise and practice.
  • Sonlight contributes to Kingdom causes.
    We have always tithed on our net profits before taxes (even when we had to borrow to pay our taxes). Last year, over 25% of Sonlight's net profit before taxes went to charitable organizations. We count it a privilege to support crisis pregnancy centers, international missions, and church planting, plus literacy, education, and disaster relief efforts around the world. When you purchase from Sonlight, you are part of it all.
  • Sonlight supports missionaries in the field—our original purpose.
    One of the top priorities we had when Sonlight began was to help Christian missionaries teach their kids. Today, we continue to make Sonlight curriculum more affordable for missionary families by sharing the cost with them. Qualified missionaries receive a 25% discount on virtually all purchases. Visit our website for complete details on limitations, exceptions and qualifying criteria.

In a nutshell: Ordering your homeschool curriculum from Sonlight could easily save you significant money and time. The help, advice and encouragement from expert advisors and our forum community add significant value. And your order puts resources to work for God's Kingdom.

We do hope you'll find what you need in Sonlight's book list—and then let us serve you even more.

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