Why Choose Sonlight®?

Sonlight customers explain why they choose Sonlight to help their kids love to learn...

To Buy or Not to Buy?

At Sonlight, we're aware that our Christian homeschool curriculum may not be for everyone, but we also wholeheartedly believe in the quality of our products and what we offer to homeschooling families. We invite you to read the following articles in hopes of better informing you of our company, the reasoning behind our homeschool curriculum development, and why families love Sonlight®.

Is Sonlight Worth the Investment?

Sonlight is not the cheapest homeschool curriculum on the market. Nor is it easiest academically. It requires that you spend time reading to and talking with your children.

So you might wonder ... is Sonlight worth the investment? Thousands of homeschool families worldwide give a resounding YES. But why?

Customers consistently tell us about the return on their Sonlight investment: a truly enjoyable, successful and rewarding homeschool experience.

Why Buy a Complete Sonlight® Package?

When you buy a Sonlight® Full-Grade Package or Core Package, you get one of the best values in homeschool materials anywhere in the world.

Love to Learn, Love to Teach — Or Your Money Back

Your curriculum comes with peace of mind.

Each Sonlight® Full-Grade or Core package comes with our Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee. Take a full year to use half (18 weeks worth) of the program. If on day 3 of week 17 you don't love your homeschool, ship it back to us and we'll give you back your money.

Award-Winning Sonlight Curriculum

Awards Awards Awards

The Sonlight Difference

Why choose Sonlight? What makes our curriculum different from other materials out there? Discover what sets us apart.

How Literature-Rich Homeschooling Awakens Your Child's Natural Passion for Learning

Sonlight Curriculum is unique compared to most other homeschooling companies because we include so much high-quality literature in our homeschool curriculum.

Key Reasons to Shop With Us

Nine unique reasons why it makes sense to shop at Sonlight.

27 Reasons Families Love Sonlight®

Find out if they might be your reasons, too.

Find out WHY these homeschoolers choose Sonlight to help their kids love to learn...

27 Reasons NOT to Buy Sonlight®

by John Holzmann, Sonlight Co-Founder

Sonlight Curriculum is not for everyone. You might want to consider these 27 reasons Sonlight may NOT be a good fit for you.

Textbooks vs historical fiction, novels and biographies

Which would you prefer?

Sonlight's use of historical fiction, novels and biographies, communicates information in the midst of a story. This enables your students to understand and remember.

Force-fed or hungry

Which would you prefer?

With your complete book list in hand, why should I buy from Sonlight?

We want to help customers on tight budgets.

No More Bored Students

How a desperate mom turned her bored, frustrated, angry son into a happy, vibrant student who didn't want to take a break from school.

Why is it that so many students are bored by school? Find out what Sonlight does to make sure that doesn't happen.

My friends laughed when I said I bought from Sonlight Curriculum . . .

. . . until we did a line-by-line price comparison and talked about our shopping experiences.

An eye-opening comparison of Sonlight's pricing compared to other major retailers.

What Are the Real Costs of Homeschooling?

Sonlight may be more affordable than you think.

Discover a vibrant community of homeschooling parents just like you.

Find encouragement and genuine fellowship. Sometimes homeschooling brings challenges that we didn't expect. Our Sonlight® Forums offer a unique, safe place where parents can come and share, get sound advice and develop an ongoing connection with other likeminded mothers and fathers.

Give your children a powerful advantage over their peers...

Sonlight's Core Programs: a Literature Rich Education

You can teach your children with confidence from your first day.

Create wonderful school days wth Sonlight's Instructor's Guides...

Save yourself hundreds of hours. Find out how you can spend your time teaching your kids, not planning their education.

The Sonlight Decision

Choosing your homeschool curriculum is an important decision. Why is Sonlight a great choice?

Save Time and Money with Sonlight

Click here to discover how how Sonlight saves you time and money?

19 Reasons Families Love Sonlight

Sonlight is not your average homeschool curriculum. Our customers and their students tend to love their Sonlight homeschool experience.

Why? Here are 19 of the most common reasons they give. Will they become your reasons, too?

Extra Perks You Enjoy with Sonlight

When you purchase from Sonlight, you get more than just excellent curriculum, outstanding support, and a love of learning. You also get the following perks.

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