Read-Alouds F

Eastern Hemisphere

"Come on kids, it's read-aloud time"

Put on your pajamas, microwave some popcorn and settle into your favorite chair as the kids surround you in anticipation of another exciting adventure.

They will be fascinated as they

  • Shuffle behind Marjan—a crippled Persian girl, as she risks her life to collect stories for Shahrazad, wife of the Sultan, who must tell the Sultan a new story every night, or be killed in the morning.
  • Journey across the desert with a talking horse and "his boy" Shasta. Outrun lions and an evil prince in the classic, The Horse and His Boy.
  • Follow The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, through dark caverns, forests full of elves, and dragons' lairs bursting with treasure.
  • Chase a dog thief from the Himalayan mountains to Calcutta, India with a young Tibetan girl, Momo, in Daughter of the Mountains.

Your children will have a hard time waiting to hear you read these and 15 more enthralling tales to them this year.

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