Read-Alouds A

Introduction to the World: Cultures

Bonding through books...

Slow down, get a cup of tea, and nestle together with your kids. That's right. It's read-aloud time. Throughout the year, you will read 22 enriching and beloved books to your children. Some will broaden your understanding of the world, and others are just for fun. All are sure to be read over and over again through the years.

Just imagine bonding with your children as you...

  • Discover four lively orphan children who live on berries, bread and a little meat in an abandoned boxcar.
  • Marvel at the cleverness of a dolphin family that is attacked by sharks.
  • Learn lifetime lessons with peasant Pong Lo as he wins a kingdom with a grain of rice.

These and many more tantalizing tales promise to build family bonds and a love for learning in your children.

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