Thinkwell Math

Thinkwell provides college-level Internet-based video and text courses useful for both Windows and Mac users. And they are remarkably inexpensive. Please note: Each student needs his or her own subscription.

At root, the Thinkwell courses consist of...

  • More than 120 Internet-based video tutorials;
  • Full-color, comprehensive, printable review notes;
  • Dynamic animations;
  • Links to web resources external to the Thinkwell website;
  • Online glossary; and
  • Thousands of interactive exercise questions (good for quizzes), complete with immediate feedback including answers and explanations, all available on the web. For those who prefer to read rather than watch video, Thinkwell even provides unedited rough transcripts of the tutorials online.

A note about returns for Thinkwell products:
Thinkwell subscriptions cannot be returned if the packaging has been opened.

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Thinkwell's online content is what makes it remarkable. Web resources for parents help you manage your students' progress with customized reporting. For students, the Thinkwell website delivers complete solutions that aren't in the workbook, additional problems for practice or review, and testing with immediate feedback. No, you do not have to go online to use Thinkwell, but that means you won't get these important features of the program. Therefore, Sonlight recommends purchasing Thinkwell ONLY if you plan to use it online, and you will need a separate subscription for each student. If you have limited access to the web, then you may want to consider Saxon Advanced Math, Saxon Calculus, or another textbook-based program.

The Calculus notebook (included in item #571-11) contains only copies of the lecture notes.

Returned products must be unopened and/or unused. They must be returned within 30 days of registration date. Purchase price will be refunded *minus* shipping and handling.

Please note: Each student needs his or her own subscription.

What's to like...and what's not to like about the Thinkwell programs?

Unlike the other math programs we carry, the very things that will make Thinkwell particularly attractive to some may cause others dismay.

Taught by Edward Burger, a college professor who is a former stand-up comedian, Thinkwell math programs are obviously aimed at a secular college audience that has grown up with TV. That means you get the best of classroom college education ...and some of its downsides.

  • Mr. Burger delivers his lectures in a high-energy, easy-to-understand manner, but (or is it "and"?)
  • He presents in a friendly, somewhat loose style.
  • He peppers his presentations with occasional one-liners, self-effacing side comments, and audio and graphic gags.
  • While his language is usually clean, every now and then he will slip in one of the "lighter" crude words one may run across in modern American society.
  • The video box shows Burger as he speaks, writes, and demonstrates the various principles he is talking about by means of solid objects.

Minimum System Requirements

For PCs:

  • Pentium 166 MHz processor
  • Windows(tm) 95 and higher or NT 4.0
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Sound card/speaker

For MACs:

  • Power PC(tm) 120 MHz
  • Mac OS 8.1
  • 32 MB RAM
  • Sound card/speaker
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