Best Homeschool Math Curriculum

Teach confidently with Sonlight's handpicked math resources — the programs we stand behind as the best on the market for elementary math to Calculus.

Every math curriculum has potential strengths and weaknesses, so we've included information to help you find the best fit for your students.

We offer several math programs for the elementary grades. Young children benefit from an enriched environment in which they see math being used in different ways and in which they approach problems from different directions.

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Homeschool Math Curriculum

  • Horizons Math

    (our recommended program for first-time homeschoolers in grades K-2)
    • Colorful illustrations make the math books inviting
    • "Spiral learning" introduces concepts and then builds understanding
    • Hands-on manipulatives help abstract concepts come to life
      Potential Weaknesses:
    • The illustrations and manipulatives may be distracting
    • Not as strong as other programs in communicating math concepts
    • Other programs have more story problems
  • Teaching Textbooks

    (our recommended program for first-time homeschoolers in grades 3 through high school)
    • Tutor teaches each lesson on a computer so you don't have to
    • Step-by-step solutions to every problem
    • Word problems are applicable to daily life (yes, you will use this math!)
      Potential Weaknesses:
    • May be too basic or move too slowly
    • No index to jump to particular topics, math concepts for review
  • Singapore Math®

    • Extremely clear and logical
    • Strong mental math component with a "perfect" amount of practice
    • Challenging word problems apply math to everyday life
      Potential Weaknesses:
    • Tends to be a year ahead of US math programs and go in a difference sequence
    • No teacher's manuals/solution books for lower levels (but you should be fine)
    • May not have enough review and math drills
  • Saxon Math

    • New concepts every day that you review for weeks
    • Extremely strong in arithmetic and mathematical principles
    • Lots of guidance for how to teach the concepts
      Potential Weaknesses:
    • The drill and repetition can be boring
    • Not as strong in application problem solving (focusing instead of equations)

Math Programs

If necessary, expand your instruction with additional resources like supplemental Life of Fred literature-based math texts, Singapore Math® workbooks, Miquon Math discovery-oriented programs, Key to... series, and hands-on manipulatives.

And let's not forget MathTacular®, MathTacular2, MathTacular3 and MathTacular4! Unbelievably Understandable Math!

MathTacular math dvd

At the high school level, we are convinced there is nothing better than Teaching Textbooks for Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus. Past that, Thinkwell provides a topnotch Calculus program.

Trying to decide what level your child needs? Take a free placement test for each program.

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