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All About Spelling

All About Spelling brings together the three pathways to learning: hearing, seeing, and touching. This multisensory approach, combined with a built-in review system and reinforcement activities, ensures students retain and apply what they learn.

If you are just beginning to teach your children spelling, want a program that appeals to a variety of learning styles, or if your children need remedial help, this customizable program could be an excellent fit. Step-by-step lessons (mastery-based, not grade-level based) build on one another in a sequence that has been carefully tested to produce long-term results.

Sequential Spelling

Your children get immediate results with Sequential Spelling. Minimize study time and reduce test-taking anxiety! Sequential Spelling teaches students to recognize patterns of spelling based on the rules of the English language, but without all the complicated explanations.

Don McCabe, the author, faced a great dilemma. He served in the Army Security Agency during the Korean War. He suffered from dyslexia, but he either had to learn the Russian language or receive a first-class ticket to serve in the infantry in Korea. He overcame his dyslexia and learned Russian. After the war, he founded the AVKO (Audio-Visual-Kinetic-Oral) Dyslexia Research Foundation, Inc., and dedicated himself to teaching dyslexics how to spell and read through a multi-sensory approach. The result: Sequential Spelling.