History/Geography W

One Year World History

An exciting introduction to world history for your older children!

You and your children will experience a thrilling roller coaster ride through world history. You will twist and turn your way through this condensed, accelerated introduction to world history from Ancient Egypt to our present day. This literature-rich curriculum contains the best-of-the-best resources from all of our history Core G and Core H but relies on V. M. Hillyer's A Child's History of the World as its primary guide.

So strap in and enjoy this wild ride through world history with your children as you:

  • Marvel at the power of the written word to cause nations to rise or fall, unify or divide.
  • Study the stars with Copernicus, as he formulates theories which will be the starting point of modern astronomy.
  • Travel the high seas with Columbus in search of a distant and mysterious land full of treasure, and spices.
  • Learn how the first printing press came into existence—an invention which revolutionized the world of communication.
  • Battle Muslim hordes in an effort to take back Jerusalem.
  • Experience times of peace and prosperity and the ravages of war.
  • Battle communism as it spreads throughout the world.
  • And discover how a Pope's desire to raise money sparked the Reformation.
  • And much more...

Along the way, you'll also be using great literature and other engaging resources such as Augustus Caesar's World, George Washington's World, The Kingdom Strikes Back, Usborne History of the 20th Century, and The World of Columbus, and more. As always, History & Geography W totally integrates with our Read-Aloud and Reader programs to bring world history to life for your children.

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