History/Geography D

Intro to American History, Year 1 of 2

Charge ahead into the New World!

Embark on an odyssey of adventure and suspense with your children in this first year of a two-year tour through American History. You will use 18 literature-rich resources to journey from before the Spanish conquistadors arrived till the 1850's, just prior to the American War Between the States. Your journey will take you across an uncharted ocean in search of the New World. Along the way you'll encounter friendly and hostile Indians, Spanish conquerors, pirates, smugglers and great men of honor and courage. You'll fight alongside George Washington in the American Revolution and trek across to barren wasteland with explorers Lewis and Clark.

You will also...

  • Learn about three amazing civilizations (the Incans, Aztecs and Mayans) that existed in the "New World" before the arrival of the first Europeans.
  • Discover how God used an ancient legend and America's first missionary to save an entire people group in Burma.
  • Sail with Christopher Columbus on his first journey of discovery to the New World.
  • Find out how an unusual tribal law saved the first permanent English settlement in America and the life of Captain John Smith.
  • And much more!

Along the way you'll be using best-of-the-best literature and other engaging resources as your personal travel guides. History & Geography 3 integrates the Read-Alouds 3, Readers 3 and History 3 programs to bring American history to life for your children.

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