Music is a powerful medium.

Music can help you memorize information. Just think about how you learned your ABCs. That's why Sonlight offers musical memorization tools for your homeschool. Learn science facts, multiplication tables, geography and Scripture through the power of song.

Sonlight also offers tools so you can teach your children to play music. Learn how to play the piano or start your musical journey with the recorder. Be sure to check out Piano Wizard's Exclusive offer for Sonlight Customers.

Sonlight also recognizes the beauty and benefits of listening to music. Check out the available classical music albums.

Frances Rauscher of the University of California, Irvine,...compared 19 preschoolers who were given 15 minutes a week of private keyboard instruction and participated in group singing at preschool to 14 classmates who were enrolled in no special music programs.

After eight months, Rauscher found that the children who had received music instruction had a 46% average increase in spatial IQ; their classmates improved an average of only 6%.

"Music instruction can improve a child's spatial intelligence for long periods of time—perhaps permanently," Rauscher told the American Psychological Association.

—From an advertising supplement to the Highlands Ranch Herald, Littleton, CO, March 15, 1996

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