How We Select the Scholarship Winners

When we receive an application, we first make sure it is complete. It must be received by the submission deadline, and the candidate must have purchased and used at least five Core programs. Furthermore, with the application, we must also receive SAT or ACT scores, a letter of extracurricular activities, reference letters, a future plans essay, an argumentative essay or project, and a Rights and Consent form.

If the application is complete, we then pass it along for review. All of the packages are assigned unique numbers to keep track of them when they are mailed out to our reviewer. Our reviewer lives out of state and is not an employee of Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. The reviewer uses a very specific system to grade and evaluate each candidate, and provides us with notes to accompany the final recommendations.

We review and accept the recommendations (which are still identified by their unique numbers) with only slight changes, if any at all. The whole process, start to finish, is designed to eliminate as much bias as possible so that the students who merit the scholarships win them.

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