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Boost grammar skills; have fun!

September 29th, 2014
Who knew grammar could be this much fun?

Want to boost your children's language arts learning? Sonlight® Grammar Ace is an engaging, practical, no-pressure way to learn the rules. From commas to composition, 36 self-paced lessons help equip your 4th-7th grader with foundational skills for competent writing. 
 Not sure you have the grammar chops to teach? Step-by-step instructions, examples and answers give you everything you need to come alongside your learner. 
Conjunction Junction, what's your function?
Grammar Ace includes a Special 30th Anniversary Edition of Schoolhouse Rock!, with more than 50 classic songs (like "Conjunction Junction" and "Unpack Your Adjectives") that will reinforce the lessons as your kids listen, sing along and get in the grammar groove.
What they're saying about Sonlight Grammar Ace
Our family sings songs from Schoolhouse Rock and we love doing activities from Sonlight's Grammar Ace. – Shawna P, Bakersfield, CA

Off-Road Encounters begins Sept. 22

September 19th, 2014

Wandering in Wadi Rum, a bumpy camel ride to Petra … don't miss out on Sept. 22!

Would you like to see Wadi Rum – the area where the Israelites roamed the desert en route to the Promised Land? Share a desert culinary experience with a Bedouin? Ride a camel through the ancient city of Petra?
We are inviting you to join in Off-Road Encounters, a learning and giving project for the whole family.
If you haven't already, sign up so you can get in on the adventure!
As you watch video episode #1, "The Adventure Begins," what will you and your family take away? I couldn't help but think about how God still feeds people in the dry "desert" times of our lives. Or how humans are so thirsty for God's voice that we'll fall to our knees and pray, even in the hot sand. 
Would you pray with us that unreached Muslims would have the opportunity to meet the One who loves, hears and longs to have a relationship with them? Whether God directs your family to be a prayer partner or to give a donation, remember that through Nov. 14, Sonlight will match your gift of love. Learn more about the giving project.

Save 10% on Electives Packages through Oct. 31

September 11th, 2014
Add a little variety to your school year; grab 10% off Sonlight Electives Packages through October 31. 
 Each package offers age/grade-appropriate enrichment that lets your learners explore life-enriching interests and develop career-inspiring talents.
Packages for elementary, middle and high schoolers include Art, Graphic Design, Music and more. Right now, we're extending the 10% discount to the popular Piano Wizard and Homeschool Computer Programming, too.  
What they're saying about Sonlight Electives
I've been so happy with the art resources. I can trust that the products Sonlight carries have been tested and found worthy of our time. – Amy B, Gainesville, GA
Sonlight sparked our girls' interest in music. The flexibility of the Sonlight program allows them to have time to practice and excel. – Barry F, Grand Junction, CO

Sign up for Off-Road Encounters!

September 3rd, 2014

Sonlight is going off-road to tell people that Jesus loves them!
Can you imagine a part of the world where 86% of the people have never met someone who knows Jesus? That's the reality in countries such as Indonesia, Jordan, Kazakhstan and Malawi.

Starting today, we're headed that direction. Lord willing, we're going to lower that number! There's plenty of room aboard the "caravan." We invite you to join us as we "go into all the world" to extend God's hand to the unreached.
Some itinerary highlights to help you prepare for the exciting journey:
(Read the full details here.)
  • This year, we're partnering with Frontiers in a quest called Off-Road Encounters: Beyond Adventure in the Muslim World.
  • The goal: reach out to Muslims who have no Christian witness.
  • Our travel hosts, a suburban American family (the Richardsons), will provide an up-close-and-intriguing video look at everyday Muslim life abroad.
  • With each cross-cultural encounter, stereotypes will be shattered, commonalities found and a biblical view of the world reinforced.
  • Sign up at Off today for access to an engaging interactive curriculum that encourages your children to boost their scholastic skills and get a pulse on God's heart for Muslim people.
  • Through Nov. 14, Sonlight will match every dollar your family contributes, up to $167,000. Between us Sonlighters, we are trusting God to raise $334,000!

Let the Off-Road Encounters begin! Come along for an eye-opening experience sure to ignite conversation and inspire learning.  

Sign up now to start the first leg of the journey, which begins with a video prologue ("Dad's Big Surprise"). When you do, Frontiers will mail a Welcome Kit with tools to help your children make the most of their adventure. 

Explore history-shaping ideas: World History and Worldview Studies

August 29th, 2014
Have you seen Sonlight's latest Worldview Studies course?

World History and Worldview Studies takes you on an expansive tour of the past, from ancient history through the beginning of the 21st century. This intriguing course of study – appropriate for students 16+ and all lifelong learners – includes distinctive Christian commentary.

As you journey through time, you'll examine the ideas and philosophies that shaped history and influence the diverse worldviews that exist today. Understanding the beliefs to which people subscribe, consciously or not, can offer insights into why we think as we do about truth, faith, science, art, education and other issues.

Explore Sonlight 520 now. 

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