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Everything you need – from history, math and science to art, foreign language and more – to teach one or more of your kids for an entire year.

Plus, Full-Grade Packages are available with up to 9 months of interest-free payments.

History & Geography Bible Read-Alouds Readers Language Arts Science Math Handwriting

Just open the box and teach, it's that simple

Get History, Geography, Language Arts, Bible, Readers, Read-Alouds, Handwriting, Math and Science in one great value bundle. Each package includes what you need to teach one child for one year. But these complete packages can easily be adapted to teach multiple children, saving you time and money. By choosing a Full-Grade Package instead of ordering the components separately, you'll also save while getting one of the best homeschooling programs available.

You also get our easy-to-use, just open and teach, Instructor's Guide, AND our best value. Combine that with fee-free 9-month Payment Plans (available all year long with a FGP purchase) and these packages just can't be beat.

Instructor's Guides

Success from the start requires your commitment

With minimal preparation, your Sonlight® Instructor's Guide will keep you on the path to success. You and your children can look forward to school each day as you learn together.

Sonlight® is designed for interaction and discussion. Though we have designed the junior and senior high school programs for a fair amount of independent study, we expect you to provide your son or daughter with your own unique viewpoints and perspectives. We do not expect you to hand our program to your children and expect them to do it on their own. We include too many topics for discussion, issues that really do require your steadying hand and thoughtful input.

Great books ... come live the adventure

Sonlight® homeschool curriculum is chock-full of great books that make learning a wonderful adventure. We choose books, not merely for their academic value, but for their value as important additions to your personal family library. These are books that will not just educate, but will entertain and inspire... both your kids and you!

Sonlight's literature base gives you a unique and compelling perspective on history, making it memorable, exciting, and easy to learn. With a literature-based homeschooling program, "you are there" to hear, see and experience the reality of which public school textbooks only hint. You can forget learning rote facts, but with Sonlight’s curriculum you'll never forget what you've experienced!

We combine a variety of subjects into a fully-immersive experience.

The books and subjects you’ll study are used in conjunction with each other in order to give you a and your kids a well-rounded and integrated learning experience.

History & Geography

History & Geography

Our history programs give students an overview of key events and people of the past, as well as biographies of people who have made significant contributions to the development of human cultures and the advancement of God’s Kingdom.



Bible reading and weekly Scripture memory assignments are included in every Instructor's Guide. In addition to Bible reading, Sonlight's curriculum includes a variety of Bible Study Resources, from apologetics to Bible study methods.



Reading aloud together as a family sparks discussion about the ideas you encounter. You also draw closer together as you share the experience each title brings. Sonlight provides notes with discussion questions and historical tidbits.



Sonlight includes books with a range of difficulty in each level. This way, students don’t get burned out, but also occasionally tackle books that require them to stretch. The common denominator? Every Sonlight book is excellent.

Language Arts

Language Arts

When your children were young you taught them to speak as you spoke to them. In the same way, children learn to write by learning from good models of writing, then trying out those models for themselves.



Explore the wonders of God’s world. Sonlight offers complete Science programs for your elementary through high school students. With Sonlight, your science study becomes a joyful adventure of discovery, instead of a boring trek through a textbook.



Teach confidently with Sonlight's handpicked math resources – the programs we stand behind as the best for elementary math to Calculus. We offer several math programs for each grade and we've included info to help you decide. And don’t forget MathTacular.



From kindergarten through upper elementary, your children can perfect the art of putting thoughts on paper in a legible and beautiful way with one of the three prize-winning handwriting programs we offer.

Save Time

Every Full-Grade Package includes our Instructor's Guide with notes, schedules and discussion questions. We've done all the prep work for you. Just open and teach! Your FGP may also accommodate multiple kids and allow you to streamline instruction. Ask an experienced homeschool mom how it works at sonlight.com/advisors.

Save Money

Order a Full-Grade Package to get the best discount (15% off the retail price of items purchased separately). Defer the cost of your program with a flexible payment plan. Use and reuse the curriculum to further reduce your expense. Gain perspective and assess our affordability at sonlight.com/homeschooling-costs.

Kids LOVE Our Stories!

Sonlight is the original literature-based homeschool curriculum. We put some of the best books ever written in your children’s hands – compelling stories that capture their imagination, cultivate curiosity and develop an insatiable desire to keep on learning. Learn our back story and how we can help writer your family's story at sonlight.com/educational-philosophy.

Shape Lives, Grow Closer

Imagine investing your time talking, laughing, learning, loving and exploring together as a family. You’ll be there every day to walk alongside your children, gently leading and guiding. And one day not far down the road, you’ll watch them move about the world with godly hearts, curious minds and solid skills. As parents, consider the most important decision you’ll make at sonlight.com/decision.

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College Ready

"Sonlight played a crucial role in preparing our son for college. He was accepted to his college of choice with a $20,000 scholarship!"

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