Full-Grade Packages

Everything you need – from history, math and science to art, foreign language and more – to teach one or more of your kids for an entire year.

Want all your subjects in one easy-to-order package?

Get History, Geography, Language Arts, Bible, Readers, Read-Alouds, Handwriting, Math and Science in one great value bundle. Each package includes what you need to teach one child for one year. But these complete packages can easily be adapted to teach multiple children, saving you time and money. By choosing a Full-Grade Package instead of ordering the components separately, you'll also save while getting one of the best homeschooling programs available.

Whether this is your first homeschool curriculum, or you are a veteran Sonlighter, a Sonlight® Full-Grade Package is a great option. With your purchase of a FGP you get some of the greatest books ever written, moving your child along the path toward a lifelong love to learn and establishing the foundation needed for a lifetime of success.

You also get our easy-to-use, just open and teach, Instructor's Guide, AND our best value. Combine that with fee-free 9-month Payment Plans (available all year long with a FGP purchase) and these packages just can't be beat.

Each grade-appropriate homeschool program includes every component you'll need. Plus, all of the lesson plans are already written for you!

Success from the start requires your commitment

With minimal preparation, your Sonlight® Instructor's Guide will keep you on the path to success. You and your children can look forward to school each day as you learn together.

Sonlight® is designed for interaction and discussion. Though we have designed the junior and senior high school programs for a fair amount of independent study, we expect you to provide your son or daughter with your own unique viewpoints and perspectives. We do not expect you to hand our program to your children and expect them to do it on their own. We include too many topics for discussion, issues that really do require your steadying hand and thoughtful input.

We've done as much of the preparatory work for you as we possibly can so almost every minute of your time can be spent in direct, face-to-face interaction with your children. But if you intend to do the complete curriculum, including Science, Math and Language Arts, Sonlight® requires of you the kind of time commitments mentioned at the head of each year's Full-Grade Package description. Below is a quick and general overview of the estimated time requirements to ensure success:

Time Estimates
K-22-3 hours1-2 hours
3-43.5-5 hours2-3 hours
5-64-6 hours2-3.5 hours

Great books . . . come live the adventure

Sonlight® homeschool curriculum is chock-full of great books that make learning a wonderful adventure. We choose books, not merely for their academic value, but for their value as important additions to your personal family library. These are books that will not just educate, but will entertain and inspire... both your kids and you!

Sonlight's literature base gives you a unique and compelling perspective on history, making it memorable, exciting, and easy to learn. With a literature-based homeschooling program, "you are there" to hear, see and experience the reality of which public school textbooks only hint. With Sonlight's Curriculum you can forget learning rote facts, but you'll never forget what you've experienced!

Lastly, here's the difference between a Full-Grade Package and a Core:

A Sonlight® Core Program is composed of History, Geography, Language Arts, Readers, Read-Alouds, Bible, and an Instructor's Guide. We believe it is the most essential and unique part of our curriculum, and as an added bonus, we offer a 10% discount to purchasers of Core Programs on all orders for the entire year.

Whenever you purchase a Core Program, you'll get more than 10% off your entire order.... That means 10% off the Core Program and whatever else you happen to purchase at the same time.

To learn more about our Core Programs, you may want to read about The 7 Remarkable Benefits You'll Get from a Sonlight® Core Program.

How much time can my child and I expect to spend with a Full-Grade Package each day?

Sonlight® is designed for interaction and discussion. We do not expect you to hand our program to your children and expect them to do it on their own. Please note that parent time represents direct involvement. Children need their parents to be available for questions beyond the time listed below.

Will my child read all of the books contained in a Full-Grade Package independently?

In the early years, you will do much of the reading. Many Sonlighters have found that they continue to do this their entire homeschool career.

Core vs Full-Grade Package

What's the difference?*

A Sonlight Core includes History, Language Arts, Readers, Read-Alouds, Bible, and an Instructor's Guide. A Full-Grade Package includes a Core plus Handwriting, Math, Science, Required Resources and pre-assembled Instructor's Guides.

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