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Homeschooling brings with it a special set of challenges. The Sonlight homeschool forum is a place to find advice and support as you and your children learn together. Many homeschoolers may have already walked the path that you are currently traveling. The Sonlight homeschool forum is a place to ask questions and get advice about your homeschool experience.

We take pride in providing a secure place where those who are using the Sonlight Curriculum can support each other in their efforts to provide a stimulating learning environment for their children. Our homeschool forum rules help us insure that we provide a secure environment in which homeschooling parents and children can find support, stimulation and acceptance. Our homeschool forum can become a vital and effective part of your homeschool experience.

You can share information and advice with other homeschooling parents right now by visiting the Sonlight homeschool forums.

Support from the Sonlight Homeschool Forum

In addition to finding homeschool curriculum materials, and getting advice on using the Sonlight homeschool curriculum packages, the Sonlight homeschool forum is also a place to discuss the issues of everyday life. If you have discipline questions, need advice about a personal problem, or simply want to tout the achievements of your homeschooled children, our homeschool forums provide homeschooling parents and children a way to connect with others.

Homeschooling can make some people feel isolated. The Sonlight homeschool forum offers a way to connect with others, for advice, support and even a laugh. If you are homeschooling your children, or considering homeschooling, investigate the information offered on the Sonlight homeschool forum. The more information and support you have, the better your homeschooling experience will be. Visit the Sonlight homeschool forum today and connect to a vibrant and supportive community of homeschoolers.

How to get Additional Access to the Sonlight Forums:

  1. Be sure that the email address you use when you register for the Sonlight® Forums matches the email address you registered with in cart. If you have not already registered in the forums or in cart please do that now:
  2. After you complete both registrations, sign in to the forums.
  3. Click on your username (upper right corner of page) and choose My Settings, from the menu.
  4. Scroll down the left-hand side navigation and click on the Additional Access link.
  5. Under the Forum Options section choose 30 days option under Value for the Full Forum Access and click on the Choose button.
  6. On the next Forum Access Confirmation screen click on the Confirm Through Sonlight button.
  7. The following screen will contain the instructions for paying for your subscription.