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Articles About Sonlight

Below you will find articles that will help you learn more about Sonlight. What do people love about Sonlight? What would make Sonlight not fit your family? How does Sonlight work? What is Sonlight's educational philosophy? How did Sonlight start?Find out all of that, and more!

Advice & Encouragement

Homeschooling, while a joy, can be difficult. These articles are here to encourage you and give you practical tips for making the most of your time learning together as a family.

Thoughts & Discussions

Articles to get you thinking about major issues within the homeschooling community.

Love to Learn, Love to Teach — Or Your Money Back

Your curriculum comes with peace of mind.

Each Sonlight® Full-Grade or Core package comes with our Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee. Take a full year to use half (18 weeks worth) of the program. If on day 3 of week 17 you don't love your homeschool, ship it back to us and we'll give you back your money.

Sonlight's Top Ten Goals

Do they match yours?

27 Reasons Families Love Sonlight®

Find out if they might be your reasons, too.

Find out WHY these homeschoolers choose Sonlight to help their kids love to learn...

27 Reasons NOT to Buy Sonlight®

by John Holzmann, Sonlight Co-Founder

Sonlight Curriculum is not for everyone. You might want to consider these 27 reasons Sonlight may NOT be a good fit for you.

Sonlight Celebrates 20 Years!

Thanks for letting us be a part of your homeschool adventure these last 20 years. We look forward to serving you again this year.

Sonlight's Educational Philosophy

At Sonlight, we believe that homeschooling is a way of life and an overarching attitude toward the world. The world is out there to be marveled at, enjoyed, explored, and learned from. Once you catch on to this idea, you will find it easy to see educational value in almost everything you do.

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