Does Sonlight offer discounts for missionaries?


In an effort to provide continuing support to missionaries in the field, an anonymous donor has agreed to work with Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. to share some of the cost of our products and services. Qualified missionaries now have the opportunity to receive Sonlight's homeschool curriculum at a great discount!

Find out more about Sonlight's Missionary Subsidy.

Do you offer discounts at curriculum fairs?

Sonlight wants to eliminate all the pressures you may feel to "ORDER NOW TO RECEIVE A LIMITED DISCOUNT." Consequently, we do not take orders or offer discounts at curriculum fairs and homeschool conventions. We believe that to ensure you make the best decision for your family's homeschooling adventure, whatever "special discounts" we have, we will offer year round to ALL customers. We want you to have time to pour over our materials and be confident in your decision to order Sonlight, knowing that you will receive all the benefits we offer at the time you choose to order.

Do you offer discounts for those in financial need?

Sonlight tries to be sensitive to everyone's financial situation. To make Sonlight Curriculum affordable on a budget, we offer the following suggestions:

  1. Buy only the books needed for the current trimester. You will find the numbers 1, 2 or 3 beside each title in our catalog. This number represents the trimester in which the book is used. Just prior to finishing the current trimester you may purchase the books required for the next trimester and so on.

  2. Buy the Instructor's Guides. Determine how many of the required books you can borrow from your local library and buy the rest. Please bear in mind that if you do not purchase a full Core, only the Instructor's Guide is eligible for our 18 week Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee. The other materials fall under our six month return policy instead. Please refer to our Return Policy if you have any questions.

  3. Take advantage of our payment plan options. This option will allow you to pay for your curriculum in monthly installments instead of in one lump sum. Please feel free to read more about our payment plan option online.

  4. Set aside a bit monthly and buy a Gift Certificate online. There is no shipping charge for the Certificates and one can then purchase a curriculum in a rather painless manner. Of course, this does take longer than other options but it is worth thinking about over time.

Do you offer discounts for re-purchases?

You can get the latest edition of an Instructor's Guide you have previously purchased from Sonlight for just half the retail price.

Learn more about Sonlight's Repurchase Discount.

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