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Where can I find more information about the Sonlight Microscope? Where can I find Product Samples?What is the difference between the 4-day and 5-day programs?You may want to enhance your homeschooling adventure with a day of music lessons, sports, field trips, or other extra curricular activities during the school week...

Sonlight Perks

How can I get Sonlighter Perks?To enjoy these perks, you must make a qualifying purchase.Here are your options:Buy an Instructor's Guide. This grants you IG level perks.Order a Core or Full-Grade Package. This grants you those perks.Purchase four or MORE Core or Full-Grade Packages to be eligible for lifetime perks.What...


Does Sonlight offer discounts for missionaries?Yes!In an effort to provide continuing support to missionaries in the field, an anonymous donor has agreed to work with Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd. to share some of the cost of our products and services. Qualified missionaries now have the opportunity to receive Sonlight's homeschool curriculum at...


We want to make sure you get what is right for you and your family. Returning items that don't work for your family should be easy and stress-free. That's why we've made it easy to return items and take advantage of Sonlight's unmatched one-year money back guarantee. How do I Return Items? Do I qualify for the Love to Learn, Love to Teach&t...


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Other questions about Sonlight

These are, you might say, "Not-So-Frequently-Asked" questions... but since we've answered them more than once in the past, we share them with you here:What religion does Sonlight Curriculum uphold?Sonlight Curriculum is a Protestant, Evangelical Christian company, and everything we produce is written through this worldview. Our beliefs...


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