Save money when you teach multiple kids with Sonlight

Teaching more than one child? Excellent! We designed our curriculum with you in mind.

Enjoy a great benefit of Sonlight – teaching multiple children with one package. You can:

  • Teach children of various ages and grades together
  • Save money
  • Save time and simplify your homeschool day

We present our packages as graded levels in order to keep things simple. You know at a glance which program will probably be a good fit for your student. But our programs are actually much more flexible than you might think. Each History/Bible/Language Arts/Reading package is designed to reach a span of ages and grades. This approach works because Sonlight uses fascinating “living books” instead of textbooks. While textbooks are written for specific grades, a great work of historical fiction can naturally reach children at a variety of levels.

How to combine your children:

  1. Group your students

    Group students whose ages are within a 3-year span of one another.

    For each group

  2. Choose a History/Bible/Language Arts/Reading package (Core)

    Choose a History/Bible/Language Arts/Reading package for each group.
    Consult the suggested age span for each Core.

    Some options for choosing:

    • Pick a Core that fits your oldest student's level.
      (To help a younger student keep up with the older, allow him or her to skip a few books or assignments.)
    • Pick a Core that fits your youngest student's level.
      (For the older student, expect more advanced work such as more polished writing).
    • Pick a Core that falls toward the middle of your students' levels and expect more or allow them to skip books or assignments where needed.

    Note: If you have multiple groups of students, see if you can pick Cores that cover the same period of history but at different depths appropriate for your students.

    For each student (Grades K-2)

  3. Choose a Readers with Language Arts Program

    Select a Readers with Language Arts program that fits each student's level.
    Find a placement test at

    For each group

  4. Choose Science

    Choose one Science program for each group.
    Sonlight Science programs easily reach students within 4 years of each other.

    For each student

  5. Choose Math

    Pick a Math program that fits each student's level.
    Find placement tests at

    For each student (Grades K-3)

  6. Choose Handwriting

    Pick a Handwriting program that fits each student's level.


If your children are too far apart in age to combine, remember that you still save money with Sonlight! When you buy a package, you can save it and reuse it with younger children when they’re ready. Over 90% of the materials in packages are non-consumable and can be reused. You can easily purchase extras of the consumable materials you need when your younger children are ready.

Examples of teaching students together:

Example 1

Family A orders a Full-Grade Package (Pre-K) for their oldest, five-year-old Jacob. This package is also appropriate for Emma (4). Two-year-old Sophie can "listen in" until she's ready to start her own studies—using materials previously purchased for the older children.

Example 2

Family B chooses a Full-Grade Package with the middle child, Jadon (6) in mind. Then they add grade-appropriate Math, Handwriting and Readers with Language Arts for Hannah (8) and Josh (5). They continue to enjoy the History, Geography and Read-Aloud books from the same program together.

Example 3

Family C decides to teach Maggie (6) and Christopher (8) together while 4-year-old Josie listens in. They will also teach 11-year-old Michael and 13-year-old Hannah together. They want both groups to study World History, so they choose the 1st Grade Full-Grade Package for the younger group and Core G for the older group. They add in an extra Readers with Language Arts package at the right level for Maggie, Handwriting programs for Maggie and Christopher, and choose appropriate Math programs for each child.

Get Personalized Help

If you want someone to walk you through each step of combining children, or you simply want someone to look over the plan you’ve already worked out, contact a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor at no charge. The advisor will help you move forward with confidence and enjoy your best year of homeschooling yet.

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