Get Involved

Top 11 ways to get involved with Sonlight

  1. Join us on the Sonlight Forums.
  2. Become a fan of Sonlight on Facebook!
  3. Be a part of the conversation on our blogs.
  4. Contribute to Sonlight's latest giving opportunity.*
  5. Earn points and get your friends discounts through the Sonlight® Rewards Program.
  6. Link to us from your website or blog.
  7. Make money through Sonlight's Affiliate Program.
  8. Apply for a college Scholarship.*
  9. Submit a photo to our catalog photo contest.*
  10. Get your Sonlight gear.
  11. Contact us if you would like to interview Sarita Holzmann or wish to have someone from Sonlight speak at an event.

And don't forget: We always love to hear from you.

*Seasonal opportunity. Not available all year.

Sonlight® Moments

Encouraging and fun stories from the lives of Sonlighters everywhere.

Meetup with Fellow Sonlighters

The Sonlight® Meetup group is a free way for you to join local meetings around the world organized by and for Sonlight users.