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Eight Ways to Show Your Family Love Throughout Your Homeschool Day

Are you a person who gets overwhelmed on Pinterest? Do the crafts, decorating tips, elaborate desserts, and backyard landscaping make you feel somehow inferior as a parent? Fortunately you don't have to have a Pinterest perfect life in order to show your … Continue reading

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3 Reasons to Homeschool During Each Stage of Childhood

Regardless of your children's ages, you probably have overarching reasons to homeschool: teaching your faith to your kids, freedom to travel, meeting special learning needs, etc. But today I'd love to offer some specific reasons to homeschool at the various … Continue reading

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Freedom to Dream of an Intentional Family Culture

What do you want your family culture to look like? If you took out a giant sheet of paper to brainstorm how you want your family to engage with each other and the world, what would you write? What would … Continue reading

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A Deep Breath in the Middle of December

What do you need right now? It's mid-December and pressures can run high. Do you feel it? But it's also the middle of Advent – that season when we wait in hopeful expectation for Christ. In order for us to … Continue reading

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You Can Give Your Kids What They Really Want

If you watch a Christmas movie this month, you'll probably see a variation of the same theme. Somewhere near the end, the main character will have a heartwarming revelation that the Christmas season – and life – are about relationships. … Continue reading

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5 Gifts You Can Give Your Children That Last a Lifetime: (Part 1) The Gift of Your Presence

I think a lot about what I want to do for my kids to help them succeed in life. Just recently I was combatting the “I’m not doing enough” feeling and a simple Pinterest browse sent me reeling. As I … Continue reading

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You should write a book ...

I've wrestled this week with what to write. Nothing profound or inspiring has come to mind, partly due, I'm sure, to being somewhat overwhelmed with life at the moment. As I was reading during my quiet time this morning, it … Continue reading

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