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Sonlight invites your family to help change the world.

Join Sonlight for Off-Road Encounters

This year, we're partnering with Frontiers in a quest called Off-Road Encounters: Beyond Adventure in the Muslim World. Prepare for a cross-cultural encounter that will shatter the stereotypes, reveal commonalities, and reinforce the biblical view of the world you've been building throughout your Sonlight studies.

Sign up today to get your Welcome Kit and access to an interactive curriculum that encourages your children to see God's heart for Muslim people. Registering does not require you to give anything, but through Nov. 14, Sonlight will match every dollar your family contributes, up to $167,000. Between us Sonlighters, we are trusting God to raise $334,000! Every $28 you raise will extend the message of God's grace to 300 people.

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In the past, Sonlight families have helped:

  • Teach women in India to read.
  • Translate Bibles in Mozambique.
  • Support children's education in Asia.
  • and more!

Sonlight stands committed to fantastic home education resources. But we also cherish the opportunity to help you raise children with a heart for the world. Our homeschool curriculum and company values have always reflected our focus on international missions work. We started in 1990 with the goal of helping missionaries stay on the field "one more year." As we've been able to serve more and more families both in North America and abroad, we're thrilled to help bring missions work to you.

Rice Bag Project

In 2008, Sonlight partnered with Mission India to create the first Sonlight community giving opportunity. The program began with an eight-week course that introduced students to the people of India. Students learned about a simple giving technique that many poor Indian Christians practice. Though they don't have money to give to others, they sacrificially set aside a handful of their family's rice each day in a simple rice bag. When the bag is full, they give it to a family who needs it even more than they do. Inspired by this simple but profound practice, Sonlight families collected loose change in real rice bags from India.

This first Rice Bag Project was a huge success as homeschool students gathered over $115,000 in loose change. With a matching gift from Sonlight's founders, John and Sarita, the total exceeded $230,000; enough to help 7,682 Indian women learn to read through Mission India's programs. These women can now better provide for their families, find their way on the bus system and avoid being cheated in the marketplace.


The Seed Company teamed up with Sonlight in 2009 to offer a OneVerse project. For only $30, Sonlight families could fund the translation of one verse into a language that has never had the Bible before. Again, the results were astounding: With a matching gift, over a quarter of a million dollars came in; enough to translate the entire New Testament for the Meeto people of Mozambique, as well as a quarter of another New Testament project!

My Passport to India

In 2010, Sonlight again partnered with Mission India, but this time for a new program: My Passport to India. Each dollar raised paid for one student to attend a two week Child's Bible Club which provided tutoring and an opportunity to learn about Jesus. With a matching gift, 317,104 children were able to attend Bible Clubs all over India.

Phoenix Phaxx' Pocket Guide to the Great Commission

Sonlight and Far East Broadcasting Company teamed up for a global adventure in 2012. Families "traveled" to Russia, Indonesia, Cambodia and South Korea with tour guide Phoenix Phaxx. Together, we raised over $300,000 to buy radios for families who have not yet had a chance to hear of Jesus.

Lost in India

We returned to India in 2013 with Mission India's Lost in India program. We traveled with our host, Chris, as he tried to meet up with his friend Justin, but got lost in the process. Along the way, we uncovered many facts and insights into India and its people.

Lost in India

Through this adventure, over 360,000 children were able to attend a Bible Club and get tutoring as well as hear about Jesus.

Why bother with giving projects?

Sarita shares her heart behind it all:

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