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Saxon's Math 7/6 program is carefully planned and packaged in a homeschool kit to make your teaching experience easier.

Math 7/6 is made up of five instructional components: Facts Practice, Mental Math, and Problem Solving; Daily Lessons; Daily Practice; Daily Problem Sets; and Cumulative Tests. Investigations, which are activity-based variations of the Daily Lessons, are distributed throughout the text. Math 7/6 reinforces the basic mathematical concepts and skills that students learned in Math 5/4 and Math 6/5. Concepts, procedures, and vocabulary students will need to be successful in upper-level algebra and geometry courses are introduced and continually practiced. Daily mental math and problem-solving exercises enhance students' repertoire of skills and increase their mathematical power. The textbook contains no answers, but an answer key is provided for all homework problems.

In Math 7/6, students will learn:
  • to simplify expressions containing parentheses
  • to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers
  • to work with exponents
  • square roots
  • geometric formulas
  • ratios
  • percents
  • fractions
  • mixed numbers
  • decimals

Math 7/6 Homeschool Kit Contents

The Saxon middle grades mathematics programs have been carefully planned and packaged. All you need to successfully teach each program is included in the homeschool kit. The Math 7/6 homeschool kit includes a textbook, tests, and an answer key for homework problems and tests.

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Saxon Math 7/6 Homeschool Kit (4th edition) (6M04)

Softbound student edition. Includes student textbook (non consumable), solutions manual (non consumable), tests and worksheets (consumable). Fourth edition.



DIVE CD Math 7/6 - (Windows and Mac; 4th Edition) (6M043)

Dr. David Shormann's DIVE CD is your video tutor for Saxon Math! 4th edition. Included in the Saxon Math 7/6 Kit.


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Required Items


8-Piece Protractor, Compass, Triangle Set (RM68)

Tools you'll find useful in all upper-level math programs. Includes protractor, compass, two triangles, straight-edge, pencil, eraser, and sharpener all in a convenient plastic case.



Cuisenaire Rods (4M05)

By manipulating the Rods, children are able to "see," in a neutral, physical form, what happens on the theoretical level when they add, subtract, multiply and divide.


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Consumable Items


Saxon Math 7/6 Tests/Worksheets (4th edition) (6M041)

Consumable. Tests/Worksheets only. 4th edition.


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