Slide Set with Blood Type Kit 550-15

Slide Set with Blood Type Kit

(for Advanced Biology) May be shared.

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The human body is fearfully and wonderfully made!

Discover its marvels with this kit that provides an intimate look at the very life-giving substance that courses through our veins.

Includes the following slides:
  • Bacteria from Human Intestine<\li>
  • Human blood smear<\li>
  • Human bone tissue<\li>
  • Human cerebellum<\li>
  • Human cerebrum<\li>
  • Human heart muscle<\li>
  • Human liver tissue<\li>
  • Human lung<\li>
  • Human mouth, epithelial cells<\li>
  • Human red bone marrow<\li>
  • Human salivary gland<\li>
  • Human skin<\li>
  • Human skin with t.s. hairs<\li>
  • Human spermatozoa<\li>
  • Human stomach<\li>
  • Human striated muscle<\li>
  • Human testis<\li>
  • Human tonsil with lymph nodes<\li>

Please see the AP Biology Program for more details about the full program.

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