Chemistry Schedule Plus 2013 Version

Use with Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry

Chemistry Schedule Plus 350-01
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  • Author: Hotz
  • Sonlight Exclusive

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2nd Edition. The 3rd Edition is not yet available.

The vendor is updating this product and has informed us that the next edition will not be available until later this month at the earliest. As soon as we receive them, we'll send both the 3rd edition textbook and manual. To help keep your student on track, please access the online preview of the coursework and schedule.

This schedule organizes all of the wonderful material in the Apologia series "Sonlight style" complete with manageable daily reading assignments, vocabulary exercises with answers, supplies and planning lists, and detailed suggestions for how to write up experiments for record keeping.

Includes schedule for CD-ROM version of the text as well as the Companion Multimedia CD.

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