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3 Week Sonlight Samples

3-week IG samples

Wondering what it's like to homeschool with Sonlight? An Instructor's Guide (IG) is at the heart of each complete Sonlight Core, Language Arts or Science program.

Download the first three weeks of any of Sonlight Instructor's Guides below.

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Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers Instructor's Guide

Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers Instructor's Guide 3-Week Sample

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Compatible with Cores B, B+C, and C. If you're using Sonlight's Grade 3 Readers, then Language Arts for Grade 3 Readers is for you. With this complete Language Arts program, you are fully equipped to teach your children how to write winning paragraphs. Your lesson plans, which are already done for you, closely coordinate with the Readers your children are already enjoying. You'll use the unique (and surprisingly fun) Diamond Notes method to guide your children step-by-step through the basics of paragraph construction. You may serve as their "scribe" if handwriting is a difficult for them. Subjects include spelling, writing mechanics, paragraph construction and creative expression.
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* Language Arts instruction for Cores D and up is included in the Core IGs for those levels.
* Click here to learn about Sonlight's upper-level Science programs.